How can I find owner financed homes in Corpus Christi?

While many people choose to purchase their home in the traditional way (i.e. by getting a mortgage and then purchasing a property through a real estate agent), some home owners are choosing alternate forms of purchase.

There are many other ways to buy a home without a traditional mortgage — from an all-cash sale to a rent-to-own acquisition to an owner finance purchase.

For aspiring home owners who are experiencing credit challenges or who may choose not purchase their home through the traditional method, owner financed homes in Corpus Christi provide one of the best ways to acquire a home.

Unlike a rent-to-own home (where the landlord holds the title), an owner financed home is in the buyer’s name, it does not remain in the seller’s name.

Where To Find Owner Financed Homes In Corpus Christi?

You’ll be able to find many great properties on sites like, although those properties tend to be sold in the traditional way (with a mortgage, through an agent). You can also find properties on sites like Craigslist, Zillow, and even in the classified or real estate section of your local newspaper.

The problem with searching for an owner financed home using these methods is that you’re actually doing two searches:

First, you have to weed through all the properties to find ones that are owner financed… THEN you can start your search for your ideal home. This is time consuming and very detailed oriented, since you need to review every listing thoroughly to see if it’s approved for owner financing

The Fastest Way To Find An Owner Financed Home

There’s another option. Bypass the time-consuming search and instead work with a company like us who will show you ONLY owner financed homes in Corpus Christi.

This speeds up your search and removes any guesswork as to which properties are owner financed and which ones aren’t (hint: all of our properties are owner financed!). We make it easy!

We help buyers, especially those with bad credit or no credit, to find owner financed homes. So call us at (361) 221-8343 or fill out the form below to get started.

Step 2 - Finish Your Owner Financed Buyer Profile (Become A Preferred Buyer)

Spend 3 minutes to let us know what you're looking for. It'll help us find the properties you're looking for. We put those who fill out this form on what we call our "Preferred Buyer" list. Properties get sent out to Preferred Buyers first... then to the general list if Preferred Buyers don't snap it up. It's free. Just shows to us that you're serious.
  • We help those with low or no credit get into great homes. But knowing where your credit currently stands helps us have a better idea of your specific situation.
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About young

Bill Young is a local real estate investor who has studied and participated in the real estate investing business for many years. He established his business in Corpus Christi in August of 2015 with the goal of becoming a contributing member of the Corpus Christi community by buying and renovating houses to improve neighborhoods and increasing the city tax rolls, creating jobs for local people, providing affordable housing, giving back to the community through volunteer activities and by donating back to charitable causes a portion of the profits of his business. Currently, he is working in conjunction with the City of Corpus Christi's Housing and Community Development office and other participants to provide owner financing to families that need help in becoming home owners and to those in the Hillcrest neighborhood who are being displaced by the Harbor Bridge Project.

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